All aspects of Networks Managed

We set the foundations in security, and build the network on top!

Network & Connectivity

All aspects of your network requirements can be provided

LAN - Local Access Network
From basic single LAN environments to complex multi VLAN configurations, we have the experience to design and implement all solutions.
Wi-Fi - Wireless Network Technology
From basic password to higher levels of authentication such as Radius, and using it for different applications such as barcode scanners and manufacturing or SCADA equipment in the warehouse, we can design a solution to meet your needs.
WAN - Wide Access Network
Do you have more than one site that needs connectivity to each other? We can design and install the WAN links using different technology such as dedicated circuits over MPLS, or VPN connections over the cloud.
Firewall - your first line of defence
We can recommend, install and configure firewalls to protect your business.
IPS / IDS - Intrusion Prevention / Detection Systems
We can design, configure and install IPS/IDS to meet your business requirements.
SDWAN - Software Defined Wide Access Network
Visibility, scalability, performance, and control are enhanced.
PITC - Proxy in the Cloud

Protect your organisation by having your employees browsing traffic routed through a cloud managed proxy. Restrict access to non-business related sites, in addition to having known phishing / maleware / suspect sites automatically blocked.

Microwave / Satellite
Do you have a remote location that requires connectivity but there is no infrastructure available to deliver it? CyberKap has implemented both Microwave and Satellite solutions to overcome these limitations.